Connecticut Hackers

There are two ways to participate as a hacker this year. You can be a Marathon Golfer and tee off at sunrise and golf as many holes as they can until dusk. Or, you can play a traditional 18-hole game and tee off at noon.

Marathon Golfers

As we’ve done each year for 30 years, up to 24 Hackers will tee off at sunrise and golf as many holes as they can until dusk (some have golfed as many as 125 holes but don’t let that scare you off.). It’s a day filled with good friends, camaraderie, and the inspiration that everyone is working towards the same goal – raising money to find a cure for cancer. Our marathon Hackers are asked to raise $7,500 each. We provide you with the fundraising tools including a personalized fundraiser page, a letter you can send to your contacts and information on our beneficiaries. You will need to get the word out to your friends and family in order for you to meet your goal.

18-Hole Tournament Format

After noon, the course will open up to tournament players. Each foursome will be responsible to contribute or raise $12,000 (or $3,000 per player). We will provide the same fundraising tools we provide for our marathoners – a fundraising page and letters that can be used for fundraising.

*You may register as an individual or coordinate a foursome for either the marathon or 18-hole format.

If you would like more information about participating in our 2020 event, please contact Susan Graham at mscgraham4@gmail.com or 203-273-8881.

2019 Hackers

  • Dean Bellissimo
  • Eric Benedict
  • Peter Benedict
  • Jason Bernheimer
  • Brian Ceglarski
  • Jeff Dawkins
  • Lizzie Decarlo
  • Will Deriso
  • Neil Garfinkel
  • Ryan Garrity
  • John Gedney III
  • Peter Graham
  • Anne Harvey
  • John Harvey
  • Rob Kennedy
  • Jamie Kennedy
  • Eric Kirby
  • Whitney Lancaster
  • David Lee
  • Michael McElroy
  • Gavin Parks
  • Pete Rand
  • Scott Riebe
  • Chris Riendeau
  • Tom Richardson
  • Joe Seip
  • Jamie Sharpe
  • John Slonieski
  • Richard van Den Broek
  • Kevin Waldron
  • Bridget Wren
  • Taymore Zarghami

**List as of 8/7/19